Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Students: Now is a GREAT time to get Amazon Student

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Amazon Student is a free membership program created especially for college students. Amazon Student members receive benefits such as six months of FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime, and e-mail alerts for discounts and promotions.    CLICK HERE TO JOIN


Amazon Student members get exclusive discounts on a variety of products and categories. Discounts and promotions will be e-mailed to your e-mail account or made available on the Amazon Student membership page at

As an Amazon Student member you’ll also get six months of FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime on eligible purchases, and will automatically continue receiving Amazon Prime benefits at a cost of $39 a year for up to four years with automatic renewal. After you graduate or at the end of your fourth year of Amazon Student $39 Prime benefits, whichever comes first, your subscription will automatically upgrade on its anniversary date into a full paid subscription for Amazon Prime at $79 a year. Your Student Prime benefits can’t be shared with another account, but if you continue with a paid membership you’ll receive access to thousands of Prime instant videos, and a Kindle book to borrow for free each month from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Benefits are subject to restrictions, such as geographic limitations, as stated in our Amazon Prime Help pages. If you don’t wish to continue with paid Prime benefits you can set them to not automatically upgrade at any time during the free period.

Once the $39 membership is selected, you’ll no longer be eligible for the free period even if the paid membership is canceled.

If you’d like to upgrade to the $39 membership before the end of the free period in order to get access to Prime instant videos and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library sooner, you can upgrade at any time by visiting or

If you’d like to share your Amazon Prime benefits with someone else, please cancel your Amazon Student membership and any existing Amazon Prime benefits under your account. You’ll then be able to sign up for the $79 a year program and invite others to share your membership. You can cancel your Amazon Student membership by visiting the Manage Student Membership section of Your Account and clicking Cancel Student Membership. You can cancel your current Amazon Prime benefits by going to the Manage Prime Membership page. After these two things are canceled, visit our main Amazon Prime page ( to enroll at the $79 rate.

Eligibility & Sign-Up

Only students currently enrolled in a college or university who have a valid .edu e-mail address can sign up for Amazon Student through the website. See additional conditions at Amazon Student Terms & Conditions for more details.

To sign up, visit the Amazon Student sign-up page. Once you submit the sign-up form, you’ll receive an e-mail at your .edu e-mail address to confirm the address is valid; click the verification link in that e-mail to complete the sign-up process.

If your .edu e-mail address isn’t listed on your account, that’s OK. The only e-mail we’ll send to your .edu e-mail address is the verification e-mail. After that, other Amazon Student e-mails will be sent to the e-mail address listed on your account.

Note: If you don’t receive the verification e-mail, visit this page and follow the steps to re-send the confirmation e-mail. To prevent’s e-mail from going to your spam or junk folder, add to your contacts or safe list.

Current Amazon Prime Members

If you sign up for Amazon Student, we’ll refund you the remaining months left on your current Amazon Prime subscription. However, you’ll no longer have access to certain Amazon Prime benefits such as Prime instant video and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library unless you sign up for a paid plan.




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