Monday, January 21, 2019

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Free Multimedia Installation and Performance in Austin – July 16, 17

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Come out for this free performance event in Austin on July 16 and July 17.  The “Haunting”*, “Fascinating”*, and award-winning visual and performance artist, Christina Sukhgian Houle, will be exhibiting her most recent installation, 1/24, a multimedia project that explores the ways in which identity is constructed through interactions with others. 1/24 is the first part of a series currently in development titled: 12/24/360, in which Houle, for 360 days total, collaborates with 12 individuals and documents their actions and conversations for 24 hours, then reverses the process and becomes the subject of their documentation. Houle developed the idea for this show after recognizing that she felt unclear about how to construct and modify her own sense of self. She saw that her identity shifted depending upon who was in her presence, and that it was mainly through relationships with friends, relatives, and strangers that her sense of self was constructed. Houle wondered what parts of her consistently presented themselves as components of her identity regardless of her surroundings, and what parts only appeared in certain circumstances.

To answer these questions, for 1/24, Houle made contact with a stranger on Craigslist, Willem Dunham. Using her camera and tape recorder, Houle tracked his actions and interactions for a 24-hour period. Two weeks later, Willem entered Houle’s world, and did the same for her. Houle’s hope was that by witnessing one another’s process of defining self in different contexts, it would give validity to all parts of the other’s identity, and perhaps begin to question the permeability of self. The resulting product of Dunham and Houle’s work together is an installation of the photographs that they created, and a brief solo performance by Houle. Numerous photos ranging in size will be displayed in a wallpaper-collage, referencing the patterns of neural pathways by using string to connect different images to one another. All email correspondence between Dunham and Houle will be projected in the space.

About Christina Sukhgian Houle

Christina Sukhgian Houle has studied and performed comedic improvisation at The Second City (IL), been nominated for multiple B. Iden Payne Awards, and has been named by the Austin Chronicle as one of the Top Ten Dance Phenomena. Additionally, she toured with Salsation Theatre Company (IL), worked with Creative Time (NY), and was a visiting artist at Spelman College (GA). Her original, full-length theatre dance piece, “Science of Suggestion,” premiered at Frontera Festival. Most recently her duration performance “16 Conversations with Escape Bird” was streamed to Antena Gallery in Chicago. More information about Houle and her work can found at
*Austin Chronicle, 2009

Contact: Christina Sukhgian Houle,, 210-323-7493 (c)
Date and Time: July 16th and 17th from 8:00-10:00pm, performances at 8:30 pm both nights
Location: Co-Lab Project Space, 613 Allen Street, Austin, TX
Cost: Free

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