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Five Great FREE Clip Art Sites

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Are you looking for some images to use and wonder what are the best sites to get some free clip art? The following post is a list of the best free clip art sites for use by Web Designers and Webmasters. All of the following sites have quality free clipart and graphics for download.  Please feel free to comment with free clipart sites that we might have missed.   Clip art is one of the most widely used visual aids in PowerPoint presentations, flyers, and even Web site design. But, good clip art is hard to find, and when you need some free clip art and you start hunting around on the net, it becomes a rather annoying search. Many times you are blasted with pop-ups, flashing banners, trick links, and advertisements. Soon you’re so disgusted that you give up before you’ve found exactly what you want.  Since we use clip art fairly often, we have found five sites that offer a great selection for no charge and with few restrictions:

MICROSOFT  There are thousands of sites on the Internet that offer free and for-pay clip art, but many force you to deal with loads of pop-ups and advertising. Your first  stop—and a great online source for free clip art, photos, animations and sounds—should be the Microsoft Office Online Clip Art and Media page. It has thousands of free images and media files, all easily searchable by keyword and topics. Many of the photos are of professional quality.

BLOGGERSCLIPART.COM offers quality free stock photos as well as free clip art.  Each category is split up into many different subjects including animals stock photos and animals clip art for example.  All of the pictures and images have been created by world renowned artist Jonathan Harris.  With his permission all of the images are royalty free and in the public domain and can be used for any purpose including personal and commercial. is a great domain and states exactly what it is from the domain itself..  Bloggers, webmasters or anyone who need to create flyers spreadsheets extra need images to jazz up their text and for appeal.   Its a fact that people prefer to read pages with images on them so this is the main reason was created.  To supply free images to anyone who needs them.

CLKER.COM    Over the past few months, has become one of our favorite clip art resources, and for good reason. Not only do they have a great selection, but every piece of clip art can be altered in a built-in image editor. Sure, the image editor is bare bones as far as options are concerned, but for quickly changing a color, it works great. Another great feature from Clker is the ability to turn any graphic into a vector graphic. Upload any image larger than 1024×168 and it automatically converts to a vector graphic. The site works as a sort of public dropbox specifically for clip art. Anyone can add art to the site at any time. All art is royalty and payment free.

FREEPIK.COM is a clip art search engine. It indexes not only vector images, but photos, too. Select between photo and vector when using the search box.  Instead of the usual stock of cute, small, cartoonish graphics, lists a wide variety of banners and backgrounds, and yes, some cartoonish graphics too. The vast majority of graphics listed on are 100% free. However, we did find a few that were watermarked and required a royalty payment. So, do read the fine print when downloading.

HASSLEFREECLIPART.COM    For standard clip art of all kinds, has a great collection. Search graphics by many filters, including color or black and white, or file type.  Images at have a distinct look. We are impressed with the amount of clothing graphics they have—enough that they must differentiate between women’s clothes and others.  All images are free, so long as they are not used in corporate logos. The site does not require a backlink, but does give the code, just in case you are appreciative enough to promote them.


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